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Name Occupation/Title Area
Adi Guard Waterford South Dungeon Entrance
Aine Tailor Waterford Artisan Workshop
Alego Metalworker Waterford Artisan Workshop
Armoni N/A edge of the water
Abramo Blacksmith Waterford Smithy
Barcel General Merchant Waterford South Dungeon Entrance
Burnis N/A west road
Dwaiz Shipmaster edge of the water
Edmond Fighter Trainer Waterford Skill Trainers
Erin Mystic Trainer Waterford Skill Trainers
Flora N/A Waterford South Dungeon Entrance
Gallenos N/A west road
Geron N/A northeast corner
Hicardo Guard Waterford North Dungeon Entrance
Hyde Intrusion Master Waterford Intrusion Master
Jenny Workshop Master Waterford Artisan Workshop
Junie Workshop Merchant Waterford Artisan Workshop
Kasim Arena Manager Waterford Portal
Kraiden Hunter Trainer Waterford Skill Trainers
Larissa Shaman Trainer Waterford Skill Trainers
Lars Chef Waterford Artisan Workshop
Laverne Magic Merchant Waterford Market
Leona N/A north end of the west road
Louisa Magic Merchant Waterford Market
Lowell Armor Merchant Waterford Market
Luke N/A edge of the water
Luner Metalworker Waterford Artisan Workshop
Marco Trading Officer Waterford Trading Office
Marty Accessory Merchant Waterford Market
Master Alex N/A Waterford Skill Trainers
Minia N/A west road
Moby Weapon Merchant Waterford Market
Moden Trading Officer Waterford Trading Office
Morris Town Mayor outside of Waterford Artisan Workshop
Naina Witchblade Trainer Waterford Skill Trainers
Narman N/A northeast corner
Natasha Warehouse Manager Waterford Warehouse
Pirnea Adventurer Agent Waterford North Dungeon Entrance
Raleigh Event Manager outside north exit of Waterford Market
Raven N/A on top of Waterford Market
Regina General Merchant Waterford North Dungeon Entrance
Reksha Alchemist Waterford Artisan Workshop
Rimino Adventurer Agent Waterford South Dungeon Entrance
Rosino Jeweler Waterford Smithy
Stephano Guild Manager Waterford Guildhouse
Susanna Portal Mage Waterford Portal
Tarbon N/A northeast corner