Str: Strength adds your main and sub weapon physical damage. 1 str = 2 damage.

Con: Constitution adds Health and Physical Defence.

Wis: Wisdom adds magic damage.

Int: Intelligence adds magical defence and maximum amount of MP

Physical Damage (Main): Your main weapon damage (Swords, Rapiers, Staffs, Scythes) affects how much damage you deal per hit.

Physical Damage (Off): Your secondary weapon damage (Bows, Shields, Daggers) affects how much damage you deal with 2nd slot weapon.

Magical Dmg: Your magical dmg, affects how much damage you deal with magical skills.

Physical Def: Affects your resistence to physical damage.

Magical Def: Affects your resistence to magical damage.

Hit chance (or Hit Rating): Increases your chance of hitting an enemy.

Hit Resistance: Lowers chances to get hit.

Concentration: Increases chances to deal max damage.

Concentration resist (or glancing blow): Increases chances to be hit for minimal damage.

Critical Resistance: Lowers your chance to be critically hit by others and lowers damage dealt by critical hits (mostly a PvP stat).

Game checks for crit first (vs crit resist) then hit (vs hit resist) so if you have over 100 critical rating but you miss you hit for normal damage, this works both ways so a critical hit on you that misses turns into a normal hit.

Game effect: Critical Normal Glancing

Atack speed: Affects speed of your atacks,skills (dash skills also) and magic skills animation (the more you got the faster you will hit) speed changes every 10 points (aproximate limit 140 after it you won't get faster).

Move speed: Affects your moving speed (Blade Master and Elementalist "Space" moving) speed changes every 10 points (aproximate limit 160, after it you wont see any difference).

Cast speed: Affects your magic cast time (only skills witch have charge bar), more you got faster bar will charge (dosen't effect animation speed) (aproximate limit 150 after it you wont feal any difrence.

Block value: Your character block bar size, higher the value more hits you can handle.