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Taoist in the Forgotten Coast

No one knows how or where the Taoist class began. We can only guess at our roots using documents found in various runes and relics. The Ancient Treasure Hounds Guild Guide is known to be the most reliable story of our history.

"Akene created a shaman who could sense all things in order to balance the human world and communicate with mankind. The shaman had three daughters. The first daughter, Kamali, was good with spirits, but showed little intelligence. The second daughter, Brahmi, was the most promising; a young woman full of mysterious energy. The youngest, Anashti, was good with physical skills and was a selfless little girl. Together, the shaman and her daughters spread the will of Akene to mankind.

One day, the spirits revolted and kidnapped Brahmi. Afraid of losing her most promising offspring, the shaman went in to rescue her - leaving Kamali in charge of spreading Akene's will with only Anashti there to protect her. Anashti, the selfless daughter that she was, accepted her mother's request and began to live as a guardian to her older sister. When the continent was split up into nine pieces by Rahkdan, shamans came to Glenheim to restore the flow of life. Anashti became a leader of a smal group of shamans that had powerful physical attacks. They were known as the Taoists..."

- Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 15 Taoist -

Shamans use different means to manipulate the power of the spirits, depending on where they were brought up. Taoists from Sarad, a continent constantly in conflict, have found a way to attach the power of the spirits to their staff and use it to fight their enemies. They neutralize enemies using the strength given to them by the spirits, and it is said that top taoists can concentrate the power of the spirits at the top of their finger and discharge it on their enemy.

Class DescriptionEdit

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A subclass of the Shaman class. Taoists can use both physical and magical skills, they have multiple dazing attacks and use wide-range melee atttacks. Extremely fast melee attacks and extremely high damage. Their fighting style is different from the rest of the shaman subclasses.

Taoists have buffs that allow them to tank temporarily.

Taoists use a Rod, held in both hands.