These skills are available to the Shaman class.

Icon Name Required Level Skill Type Description
Rush Rush 1 Action Run faster after putting the weapon away.
Ice Spear Ice Spear 1 Action Deal damage several times to enemies in a line in front of the shaman.
Spark Swing Spark Swing 2 Action Deal damage to and knock back enemies in an arc in front of the shaman.
Dark Calling Dark Calling 3 Action Lift up and knock down enemies around the shaman, dealing damage.
Fireball Fireball 8 Action Launch a fireball at the target, dealing damage to and igniting enemies in the area.
Soul Chaser Soul Chaser Action Launch seeking orbs at the target that follow it a short distance.
Mindflame Mindflame Action
Phantom Wall Phantom Wall Action Create an illusionary wall to protect the shaman and redirect enemies. Allies can shoot and cast through the wall.
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt 17 Action Deal high initial damage to enemies at the target area and then light damage to enemies in the area afterwards.
File:Windborne Cudgel.png Windborne Cudgel 1 Command This allows the shaman to use staves.
File:Restore Will.png Restore Will 1 Command Temporarily increase mana regeneration after using Rush.
File:Evasive Roll.png Evasive Roll 1 Command Roll out of the way of further attacks after being knocked down.
Rising Attack Rising Attack 1 Command Recover from being downed by swinging your weapon in a large arc, blowing away and knocking enemies down.
File:Evasive Attack.png Evasive Attack 1 Command Deal damage to enemies while dashing away.
File:Evasive Dash.png Evasive Dash 5 Command Dash in a desired direction when hit.
File:Mana Shield.png Mana Shield 1 Command Block attacks while standing still or moving backwards.
File:Mana Shield Cancel.png Mana Shield Cancel 1 Command Immediate cancel the deployed Mana Shield.
Dash Dash 1 Command Quickly move a certain direction, possibly avoiding an attack.
Dash Attack Dash Attack 3 Command Turns a Dash into an attack.
Ground Burst Ground Burst 1 Command Damage knocked down enemies in front of the shaman.
Mana Shot Mana Shot 1 Command Shoot one to five balls of mana to damage and knock back enemies at a distance.
Mana Missile Mana Missile 5 Command Shoot a powerful ball of mana to damage and knock back enemies at a distance.
Spin Smash Spin Smash 6 Command Swing staff rapidly to repeatedly deal damage to enemies in front of the shaman.
Rushing Bite Rushing Bite 7 Command Hit enemies twice while stepping to the side.
Vera Crasher Vera Crasher Command Deal heavy damage and toss enemies at the end of Spin Smash.
Mana Siphon Mana Siphon Command Grab and throw an enemy while dealing damage and stealing MP.
Spirit Chain Spirit Chain Command Grab and pull enemies toward you while dealing damage and knocking them down.
File:Fury Formation.png Fury Formation 10 Command Makes the shaman much faster and stronger as well as granting Super Armor for a short duration. Requires the use of a full fury gauge.
File:Town Travel.png Town Travel 1 Passive Sets special hotkeys for non-combat movement.
File:Max HP Increase.png Max HP Increase 10 Passive Increases your maximum health.
File:Max MP Increase.png Max MP Increase 10 Passive Increases your maximum mana.
File:Critical Increase.png Critical Increase 10 Passive Increases your critical strike chance.