Prove Yourself 1



Goblin Forest

Standard 50Gold
Optional Class-based Item (see below)

Objectives Edit

  1. Kill 10 Goblins.

Description Edit

Burnis wants to see if you can handle a few jobs around town. He sent you to the Goblin Forest to kill a group of goblins before returning to him.

Attempt this quest on any difficulty.

Script Edit

Burnis Edit

(When picking up the quest.)

I'm sure you've heard by now, but Tampera's helping us recruit heroes to free Delpast from the monsters.

We've got to be careful though. Some people just want to take advantage of small town folk like us. All I'm saying is that I don't know who to trust, yet.

I know Morris recommended you, but I have a standard procedure that I put everyone through. Fair is fair.

I want to see how well you perform a basic task.

Get rid of those troublesome goblins roaming near the town.

We'll talk more if you make it back alive.

Burnis Edit

((After having accepted the quest.))

First and foremost you should be concerned about your own life! Let me know if you can't handle the job. No one is going to force you to do it.

Morris Edit

(When handing in the quest.)

Phew. We're almost finished with the restorations! The town is looking good as new don't you think?

I only hope we won't have to keep doing it. Waterford is one of the last safe havens from the monsters in Delpast.

Our rebuilding efforts have restored faith in the community. Our goal from now on will be to keep morale up. That's what makes a strong community after all! If Waterford loses ground, or hope, we won't be able to hold off those monsters anymore. Delpast will sink into despair... We can't let that happen!

Rewards Edit