Find Fortz


Mayor Morris

Goblin Forest
Mayor Morris

Standard 50Gold
Novice Adventurer Chest

Objectives Edit

  1. Find Fortz.

Description Edit

Morris asked you to go to the Goblin Forest and find Fortz.

Attempt this quest on Normal difficulty.

Script Edit

Morris Edit

(When picking up the quest.)

  • Gasp* Player name, come quickly! You need to get to the Goblin Forest as fast as you can. Fortz is in trouble!

While you were busy helping rebuild the town, Fortz wandered off to kill goblins. When Larissa found out, well, you should have seen the look on her face. She was white as a ghost. Apparently something has been stirring monsters up. They're causing more mayhem than usual. Oh, this isn't good!

I know Fortz can usually handle himself, but... well, just bring him back safely, would you? Larissa said she'd go with you. She's waiting by the Goblin Forest.

Please hurry and when you find Fortz, report back to Burnis!

== Morris ((After having accepted the quest.)) Fortz is going to get himself killed one of these days, I just know it. He never thinks before he acts! Boastful, quick-tempered, stubborn. Those kinds of traits can be a death sentence in this line of work. We can't afford to lose him right now. Please, bring him back safely.

Morris Edit

(When handing in the quest.)

Phew. We're almost finished with the restorations! The town is looking good as new don't you think?

I only hope we won't have to keep doing it. Waterford is one of the last safe havens from the monsters in Delpast.

Our rebuilding efforts have restored faith in the community. Our goal from now on will be to keep morale up. That's what makes a strong community after all! If Waterford loses ground, or hope, we won't be able to hold off those monsters anymore. Delpast will sink into despair... We can't let that happen!

Rewards Edit