What are Legends?Edit


Example of a Legend

Legends are titles earned by accomplishing certain game objectives. Activated legends are shown in blue above the character name. Certain legends grant stat improvements when equipped.

Activating a LegendEdit

  1. Press P to open the Character information window.
  2. Click the Legends button, there you will find a window that shows which Legends you currently possess.
  3. Select a Legend and click the Apply button to activate it. All legends you find are automatically added to your Legends list.

Only one legend can be active at anytime

Common LegendsEdit

Legends can be viewed in the Adventure Log by pressing (H) in-game.

General Edit

General Legends have no bonuses

Legend Goal
Angelic Use Resurrection Scrolls on party members a total of 50 time(s).
Gifted by the Phoenix Use Resurrection Scrolls a total of 100 time(s).
Salvager Disassemble items a total of 1000 time(s) in the blacksmith's Nitro Cube.
Chivalrous Successfully enhance an armor to +5.
Constant Failure Fail at enhancing a weapon a total of 1000 time(s).
Dignified Successfully enhance an accessory to +5.
Guild Benefactor Earn a total of 100.000 Guild Points.
Incredulous Fail at enhancing an accessory a total of 1000 time(s).
100% Pure Refine items a total of 1000 time(s) in the blacksmith's Nitro Cube.
Golden Goose Combine items a total of 1000 time(s) in the blacksmith's Nitro Cube.
Legendary Collect a total of 200 Legends.
Tenacious Successfully enhance a weapon to +15.
VVIP Collect a total of 50 Auspices.
Multimillionaire Sell items worth a total of 10.000.000 Gold.


Artisan legends are earned when lv.50 is achieved in the respective craft. All artisan legends offer the same bonuses:

  • Wisdom up by 6
  • Strength up by 6
  • Intelligence up by 6
  • Health up by 6
Legend Goal
Expert Woodworker Reach lv.50 as a Woodworker
Expert Chef Reach lv.50 as a Chef
Expert Tailor Reach lv.50 as a Tailor
Expert Metalworker Reach lv.50 as a Metalworker
Expert Alchemist Reach lv.50 as an Alchemist


Legend Goal Effect
Stonespeaker Clear the 15th round of Okapia Survival 10 times.
  • Health up by 20
  • Intelligence up by 20
  • Critical up by 2.0%
Windwalker Clear the 20th round of Recko Mountains Survival 5 times.
  • Health up by 25
  • Intelligence up by 25
Bringer of Light Clear the 20th round of Okapia Survival 5 times.
  • Health up by 30
  • Intelligence up by 30
  • Movement up by 1.5%


You have to intrude on other players or get intruded yourself to complete these goals. To intrude on other players, go find the Intrusion Master in the main city in the Region you're at.

Legend Goal Effect
Fortis Defender Kill 10 intruders. Health up by 9
Ghostly Intruder Intrude and kill 10 players. Health up by 6
Arma Artifex Kill 100 intruders. Health up by 18
Vicious Intruder Intrude and kill 100 players. Health up by 15
Murderous Engage in random intrusion a total of 500 times. / None
Aeterna Imperator Kill 500 intruders. Health up by 60
Relentless Intruder Intrude and kill 500 players. Health up by 48


You have to enter the arena to complete these goals.

Legend Goal Effect
Expert Duelist Defeat 150 players in PvP.
  • Strength up by 3
  • Wisdom up by 3
Master Duelist Defeat 300 players in PvP.
  • Strength up by 9
  • Wisdom up by 9
Elite Earn a total of 2050 Ranked PvP Points. / None
Born Leader Earn a total of 635.000 Arena Points. / None
Newly Arrived legend Earn a total of 2600 Ranked PvP Points. / None
Rising Star Earn a total of 1.775.000 Arena Points. / None
Grand Duelist Defeat 700 players in PvP.
  • Strength up by 30
  • Wisdom up by 30
Emperor Earn a total of 3500 Ranked PvP Points. / None
Dominator Earn a total of 7.675.000 Arena Points. / None

Boss Fight LegendsEdit





Legend                            Goal                                                 Effect

Fears not the unknown     Obtain class S on Master difficulty      Strength up by 9

                                    from The Dark Seal                            Wisdom up by 9