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Illusionist in the Forgotten Coast

No one knows how or where the Illusionist class began. We can only guess at our roots using documents found in various ruins and relics. The Ancient Treasure Hound Guild Guide is known to be the most reliable story of our history.

"The roots of Palacio, the great tree of life, were nested deep within the forest of the Dragon Mountains. Palacio was the birth place of elves and the resting place of the gods. The tree was nourished by the blessing of Akene and gave life to all the creatures of Glenheim. Nestled in the knotted branches of Palacio was a mysterious little girl called Illu. Gardener for Palacio and maid for the god and elves, Illu was highly skilled in the ways of the phantom and illusion. Anyone that tried to get in the tree of life was turned away by her deceptions.

When Rahkdan attacked Glenheim, the ground cracked open and destroyed the life giving roots that Palacio had grown from for centuries. Illu was left alone until she met a group of shamans who were trying to find the old tree of life. Illu's phantom and illusion skills were combined with a shaman's spell, and thus, the Illusionist class was born..."

- Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 14 Illusionist -

Shamans use different means to manipulate the power of the spirits, depending on where they were brought up. Illusionists from Levin, where many well-known Shamans emerge, use the peculiar method of summoning spirits to inhabit their body and disappear. Enemies are kept at a distance by an invisible shield and are slain by invisible blades. It is said that the top Illusionists can even devastate enemies using the fist of the Great Spirit.

Class DescriptionEdit

Illusionists use combo atacks with the Illusion Blade, this is a Rod they hold with both hands. They have a wide shield and use wide area magic attacks.

They can even summon spirits to do their bidding.


Icon Name Required Level SP Required Skill Type Description
Phantom Blade Phantom Blade 20 6 Action Create a magical blade that damages the first enemy(ies) to walk into it.

Can be detonated with the Phantom Crash skill to deal damage in an area.

Phantom Crash Phantom Crash Action Detonates all illusionary blades dealing their associated damage in an area.
Phantom Uppercut Phantom Uppercut 20 6 Action
Mana Ward Mana Ward 20 4 Action
Phantom Razor Phantom Razor 22 7 Action
Phantom Cry Phantom Cry 24 6 Action
Alluring Illusion Alluring Illusion 25 9 Action
Phantom Bind Phantom Bind 33 10 Action
Soul Aura Soul Aura 35 10 Action
Phantom Scythe Phantom Scythe 35 9 Action
Phantom Ascent Phantom Ascent 37 10 Action
Soul Volley Soul Volley 40 10 Action
Phantom Tornado Phantom Tornado 20 0 Action Creates a tornado that pulls in and damages enemies in an area.  Uses four Skill Stones.
File:Illusion Wind.png Illusion Wind 20 Command Teleport a short distance.
Alluring Decoy Alluring Decoy 26 8 Command
Phantom Bolt Phantom Bolt 28 9 Command
Mindflash Mindflash 30 10 Command
Phantom Punch Phantom Punch 30 9 Command
Phantom Hand Phantom Hand 43 11 Command
Furious Storm Furious Storm 45 15 Passive
Soul Volley Blast Soul Volley Blast 43 7 Passive