Hunters stalk their prey before attacking them from a distance. Their weapons include daggers to quickly dispatch enemies that get too close, and bows deal devastating attacks from far away.


Upon reaching level 10 you will receive a quest to take specialized tests. Once you complete Master Alex's quest to earn a promotion, you gain access to new Elite Skills and the Fury Formation. You also earn 1 additional Guild Skill/Buff. If you're not in a guild at the time of your promotion, you gain this bonus when you join one.


Class ChangeEdit

To earn your promotion after you reach level 20, you must overcome many challenges your Class Trainer sets before you. Speak to your Class Trainer in Waterford after you have completed the class change quests to receive your promotion. The server you play on may limit the list of available classes.

Changing your class opens up new, more specialized skills. you also earn 1 additional Guild Skill/Buff. If you are not in a guild at the time of your class change, you gain this bonus when you join one.

Your Sp automatically is reset after you change your class.

Hunter ClassesEdit

When you reach level 20 and are done with the class change quests, you may choose from 5 different promotional classes. To find out more about each class, click the link.

  • Ranger: Rangers are skilled at performing long-range silent attacks. No strangers to adversity, Rangers can perform ranged attacks in virtually any situation.
  • Assassin: A flashy class that specializes in melee-range skills. Assassins are the fastest and most technical of all the classes.
  • Scout: Scouts use traps and a wide range of skills from other hunter classes to deal damage to their enemies.
  • Shadow: Shadows dual-wield daggers to rapidly slay foes with their deadly combo attacks.
  • Gunslinger : Uses powerfull skills whit Dual-Guns and a musket on the back. This class can turn invisble and use much long range skills.

Hunter CombosEdit

Here are a few combos. You will also learn these through tutorial, and they will change for every class change.
  • Evasive Maneuver > Evasive Attack
  • Vital Thrust > Dagger Expertise > Charged Arrow
  • Turn Slash > Left Kick > Charged Arrow
  • Grab Throw > Flying Shatter Kick > Charged Arrow
  • Eagle Kick > Grab Throw > Left Kick > Charged Arrow
  • Eagle Kick > Turn Slash > Bomber Shot