Level 20 gunner in c9

Level 20 gunner in c9


If you're a Hunter, you can promote to Gunslinger at lvl 20.

Gunslingers has a wide range of skills at their disposal. The beginning skill is Deep Sniper. This lets you aim and shoot a long range shot of 1000-2000 if you're lvl 20-25.

The gunslinger has some high damage skills such as Air Stinger (Highly under-rated due to it's ammo inefficiency but it's damage is very large). The gunslinger uses it's high speed and combo capability to kill it's foes as most of it's more basic shots have relatively low damage in PvP, BUT some are large AoE skills such as Electric Shot (LvL 27) and Limited Shot (LvL 40), Limited shot is slow, but has a great amount of damage when used at close range in the air (By pressing "Q" -By default, Keybindings vary- during a jump)

About the Gunner class (And lightning Bullets)Edit

The class is used to shoot long-ranged shots to kill his enemy with a really fast combo. They use 2 bullet types, the first is normal bullets, the second is enchanted bullets. If you use the enchanted version of the bullets, they gain additional effects. The best example of this effect change is when enchanted bullets are utilized during Electric Shot, Its AoE increases in size, the missile reaches its destination quicker and the damage is largely improved. These effects also add a slight AoE of burst damage to regular bullets in skills like Shotgun (LvL 43) and Evasion Shotgun (LvL 45). Another example is that enchanted bullets are a great benefit to the gunslingers class skill: Thunder Rain, This adds an extra animation and extra "Lightning Grenades" that originate from the Central bolt of lightning, these "Grenades" hail down from the sky and deal great amounts of damage, the AoE isn't half bad either. The gunslingers main points are great AoE attacks, High speed and Okay damage, the gunslinger (like all hunters) isn't exactly the greatest, especially in PvP.

A good perk to have when using the gunslinger class is to know your enemies skills and try your best to predict their movements, that way you can land your best AoE skills accurately and deal your highest damage, if you're good at this, gunslinger is a very easy class to play.

PvP and PvE of a GunslingerEdit

In pvp its all about being fast and that's one of the things a Gunslinger really has. Its fast, high damage and much health. It can make people stuck and you can just 'execute' the person. I would choose this class for pvp and pve.