Game ResultEdit


Game ResultEdit

Kills: Enemies you killed (in party this represents your killing blows)

Skill: The diversity of skills you used

Speed: Your speed killing score (killing enemies quickly)

Combo: Your combo meter score (not your highest combo)

Style: Back hits, air combo, multiskill and not getting hit drive your style points upward

Total: Your total score


Rank: Bonus XP based on rating (Think its -25% for bad, 0% for normal, 10% for good, 20% for excellent and 30% for Perfect)

PK: Bonus XP for enabling Intrusion mode at mission selection (flat 25%)

PC Room: Bonus from playing at specific internet cafe in Korea

Mentor: Bonus XP from being Mentored

Bonus: All other bonuses; titles, events, potions, server etc

Total: Total amount of experience and gold bonus