Char selecte

Select an empty character slot and click the Character Creation button.

Then create your Character how ever you want to!


Random - Generates random look

Default - Generates standard look



After you're finished playing with character and found your own unique style, click the Create Character button.

Name in use

If you have this message that means your nick name already in use, if not, your char will be created and you will be back at character select screen.

After that click Start Button and enjoy the game!!

If you don't like your char and wan't to delete him, select the character you wish to delete and push "Delete".

Delete char

This message will pop up, if you sure push left button, if you pushed delete character by accident push the right button.

And if you have too many characters and you wan't your favorite chars to be 1st in the list push the character order button at upper right corner. It will change to

Char order

Push on every character in order you want them to be and click "OK"

Guide Originally Made By: Dark Ashelin Big tnx to her ()<(=^_^=)>()