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No one knows how or where the Berserker class began. We can only guess at our roots using documents found in various ruins and relics. The Ancient Treasure Hounds Guild Guide is known to be the most reliable story of our history.

"The Following can be found in the swordsman document written ba Cha Dramaik, the disciple who stood against the greedy golem Galloon.

Well-versed in the swordsmanship of a Blademaster, Cha Dramaik earning himself the reputation of the best sword in all Glenheim. Even so, he never ceased to try and become even better.

As he aged, he realized he needed to pass down a legancy, so he gathered his most talented disciples and started to teach them everything he knew about swords. People called these disciples of Cha Dramaik, the Berserkers....(omitted)"

-Treasure Hound Guild Guide,Class,Chapter 4,Berserker-

Class DescriptionEdit

Fighters who fight enemies face to face on the front line believe that physical strength is the only true path to glory. But, like brothers raised in different homes, fighters vary in their styles and methods.

The Berserkers of Sarad carry enormous swords, swinging them with the force of giants. Their strength is the stuff of legend, and some claim to have seen berserkers shatter right through the thickest armor. The greatest berserkers can even accelerate their own metabolism for even stronger attacks that annihilate their enemies in the blink of an eye.

Berserkers are well known for their massive greatswords and their powerful charges. They might be the slowest fighters, but their unrelenting power can quickly overwhelm any enemy.Berkersers can use Blood Points to increase the range and combo skills. This makes Berserkers well suited to Fighters who want to use combos to their full extent


Active skills

Giant Bash IEdit









Cool time 

(in seconds)

PvP Cool 


Skill effect Brad impact
Physical Damage Upper attack
One One Learning already Seven 9.0 9.0 120% +130 180% +195
Two Four Five Twelve 130% +156 195% +234
Three Nine 24 140% +182 210% + 273
Four 13 34 150% +208 225% +312
Five 17 47 160% +234 240% +351
Six 21 Sixty 170% +260 255% +390
Seven 25 75 180% +286 270% +429
Eight 29 91 190% +312 285% +468
Nine 33 108 200% +338 300% +507
10 (Master) 37 127 210% +364

315% +546

Press kick yarrrakEdit

Disemboweling kickEdit

Kaiser SwordEdit

Ground swingEdit

Immortal BreakerEdit

Giant Upper IEdit

Giant swingEdit

Backstep breakerEdit

Mighty slamEdit

Bloody WaveEdit

Rage controlEdit

Rage drainEdit

Force WaveEdit

Command skills

Command skills Edit


Ankle KickEdit

GreatSword ExpertiseEdit


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 Grab SmashEdit

 Sword DefenseEdit

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 Evasive RollEdit

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 Giant SpinEdit

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 Titan StepEdit

 Change upperEdit

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 Rising Giant llEdit

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